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Walking Dead Jesus

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Walking Dead Jesus

Charakter: Paul wird als klug, freundlich und charmant mit einem schelmischen Sinn für Humor beschr. Tom Payne, The Walking Dead © Gene Page/AMC. Paul Rovia, der von Freunden irgendwann den Spitznamen Jesus erhalten hat, da er mit den langen​. Read Jesus (The Walking Dead) from the story Oneshots über alles mögliche by LolaParler with reads. pennywise, lucifer, diebestimmung. Einen Oneshot.

Paul "Jesus" Rovia

In der TV-Serie "The Walking Dead" zählt die Figur des Jesus seit der 6. Staffel zu den Zuschauerlieblingen. Jetzt stellt sich die Frage: Ist Jesus tatsächlich. Plötzlicher Tod bei „The Walking Dead“: Paul „Jesus“ Monroe. Foto: AMC, AMC. All rights reserved. Die Hälfte der neunten Staffel von „The. Tom Payne spielt bei RTLZWEI in der Zombieserie The Walking Dead die Rolle des Paul Jesus“ Rovia. Erfahre hier mehr über ihn und The Walking Dead.

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Jesus (TWD) -- Something so Much Greater

Walking Dead Jesus
Walking Dead Jesus Following his own code of inclusiveness, Jesus leads by example. Played by Tom Payne Prior to his role as Jesus on The Walking Dead, Tom Payne starred on Luck, the critically acclaimed HBO series from creators Michael Mann and David Milch, which centered on the fast-paced and sometimes brutal sport of professional horse racing. Thomas Payne (born 21 December ) is an English actor. He is known for appearing on AMC 's The Walking Dead as Paul "Jesus" Rovia, and BBC's Waterloo Road as Brett Aspinall. He currently portrays Malcolm Bright on the American television series Prodigal Son. Thomas Payne (born 21 December ) is an English actor. He is known for appearing on AMC's The Walking Dead as Paul "Jesus" Rovia (). Payne was born in Chelmsford, Essex, and grew up in Bath, Somerset, where he attended King Edward's School and was a prolific contributor to the school's drama department. He attended the Royal Central. Paul Rovia, more commonly referred to as "Jesus" by his companions, is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AMC 's The Walking Dead. He is a former recruiter and supply runner of the Hilltop Colony, who was responsible for making a connection with Rick Grimes and introducing him to a larger world. For Walking Dead comic book readers and show-only viewers alike, Sunday's midseason finale ended with a massive shock: the death of Jesus (Tom Payne), a fan-favorite figure who remains alive and. 11/26/ · For Walking Dead comic book readers and show-only viewers alike, Sunday's midseason finale ended with a massive shock: the death of Jesus (Tom Payne), a fan-favorite figure who remains alive and Author: Josh Wigler. The Walking Dead officially revealed the fate of Paul 'Jesus' Rovia in its Mid-Season Nine premiere on Sunday lidaresmibayisi.comrs for The Walking Dead . 11/26/ · The Walking Dead's midseason finale killed Jesus in spectacularly brutal fashion, providing a shocking introduction to new villains The Whisperers and .
Walking Dead Jesus

Caroline Kasper lernt die Walking Dead Jesus Nackt öffentlich Schillerallee beim Veedels-Run kennen, denn davor ist es unmglich den Walking Dead Jesus anzubieten. - Weitere Charaktere aus "The Walking Dead"

Schweigend gehen wir zum Auto und fahren nach Hilltop.

Still, Jesus' death was a means to make The Walking Dead scary, again. The last few seasons, there was a lot more of the drama of the war between Rick and Negan, the Sanctuary and our good guys, so to speak.

Going forward, The Walking Dead will look to recapture the creepy, horror genre magic created in the scene which claimed Tom Payne's character.

I loved the opening of the cemetery scene. After gearing up, Paul begins to follow Dwight, hoping to discover the Saviors base of operations.

He is later ambushed by three Saviors. As he tries to fight off the Savior trio, he is subdued by one of the members.

After being knocked to the floor, Paul is almost killed by the Saviors; however, he is saved by Dwight and another Savior, who tell Paul's attackers to stand down, as they have some "important" questions for Paul.

Dwight and the other Savior tie Paul up and load him onto a jeep. They drive to Sanctuary, allowing Paul to get a good look at the area and he bails out of the jeep at the very last second, narrowly avoiding capture and reports it back to Rick.

He introduces Rick to Ezekiel , the leader of the Kingdom, in the hopes of forming the three communities into standing against the Saviors.

As he sneaks into the Hilltop to tell Maggie of Rick's plan, he learns that Kal betrayed him and ran off to inform the Saviors of their plan in which Jesus catches up to him and convinces him to change his mind.

He continues to recruit members of the Hilltop, much to Gregory 's dismay. He then grabs a Savior by his foot and trips him over.

The Saviors open fire, but instead of hitting Paul they kill the Savior. Negan tells them to hold fire and at that moment Paul throws himself at the nearest Savior and orders Rick, Heath, Holly, and Nicholas into a trench.

He proceeds to fight the Saviors until he works his way to Negan, whom he disarms and captures. Negan frantically tells the Saviors to hold fire and Paul issues an order to let the survivors go and threatens to kill Negan.

He tells Paul that even if he were to succeed, the Saviors would still open fire and kill Paul. However it is revealed that Paul's intentions were to stall the Saviors until Ezekiel and his soldiers arrive.

Jesus continues to aid Rick and Ezekiel in their fight against the Saviors until Negan is defeated. Two years after Negan's incarceration, Jesus acts as Maggie 's second-in-command at the Hilltop, while still making periodic visits to Alexandria.

Robert Kirkman has confirmed that Jesus will recur in future seasons of the show. Jesus makes his debut in the episode " The Next World ," first seen bumping into Rick who is on a supply run with Daryl.

Jesus pulls a smooth-talking con on them, pick-pocketing keys from Rick and planting the idea of approaching walkers in their mind so that they react predictably when firecrackers he had set go off, allowing him to drive off with their truck of supplies.

When attacked by Rick and Daryl later, Jesus is able to physically defend himself, displaying impressive combat abilities, though he surrenders when they threaten him at gunpoint.

Jesus is bound at his wrists and ankles and left at the side of the road but in seconds is able to free himself and climb onto the truck unobserved.

Later, when they realize he is on the truck and slam on the brakes, Jesus takes a considerable fall at speed but is immediately able to get up and run, outpacing Daryl who gives chase.

Jesus gets into the truck where he is fought by Daryl, and grabs Daryl's gun in order to kill a walker that would have otherwise attacked Daryl from behind.

Daryl pulls Jesus from the truck, which is accidentally released of its brakes, and Jesus is knocked unconscious in the process of the truck rolling backwards into a lake.

Jesus is brought back to Alexandria and despite being bound in a locked room in a guarded house, Jesus is able to free himself and escape confinement without raising an alarm, and identify and infiltrate Rick's home where he asks to speak with Rick.

In the following episode, " Knots Untie ", Jesus is humble about his impressive escape, saying that, "Knots untie, locks get picked, entropy comes from order," suggestive of a philosophy that seeks harmony rather than control.

While he was free, Jesus located, infiltrated and took an accounting of Alexandria's armory and food supplies, and an estimate of their population.

Noting that they are low on provisions, he suggests they trade with his community and takes them to The Hilltop. When Gregory, The Hilltop's leader, tries to get the upper hand on the Alexandrians who might face starvation without their food, Jesus works his influence to convince The Hilltop that being charitable with the Alexandrians in their time of need and building a relationship of trust and respect will pay back far more in the future than this single exchange.

Jesus also intercedes when Rick and his group stop an assassination attempt on Gregory instigated by Negan, preventing further bloodshed.

The Hilltop has suffered considerably from The Saviors' extortions, and while they did not have enough fighters or ammunition to move against Negan and his gang, Jesus readily volunteers to join when Daryl and the group offers to take out Negan and rescue Craig, a Hilltop hostage.

In the episode " Not Tomorrow Yet ", Jesus is shown to have joined Rick's attack on the Savior's compound.

He later comforts Tara who is feeling guilty about lying to Denise and her experiences when she was last involved in an attack on a community of survivors.

Jesus tells Tara that it is her love for Denise which gives her a reason to fight. When gunfire breaks out, Jesus and Tara both urge Andy and Craig to leave, to ensure The Hilltop is not connected to the attack on the Saviors, though Jesus dons his mask and rushes in with confidence that the Saviors will never see him.

He is later seen saving Glenn and Heath from a dying Savior by shooting him before stating "So this is the next world. Jesus first appears in the fifth episode of the season, " Go Getters ", where he attempts to comfort Maggie and Sasha who are hiding in the Hilltop from Negan on their lost loved ones.

Gregory decides that the two of them must leave and when Jesus disagrees, Gregory states he is free to go with them.

Sasha later tells Jesus that he should be in charge of the community, though he insists that he just tries to help, Sasha tells him he might have to do more.

When the Hilltop is attacked by walkers let in by the Saviors, Jesus helps Sasha fend them off once again showing off his impressive skills in hand-to hand combat while Maggie destroys the car system drawing them in.

Unresolved Questions From "The Walking Dead" Season 7 Finale. Top Moments From "The Walking Dead" Midseason Premiere. Negan Cliffhanger: Burning Questions for "The Walking Dead" Season 7.

Favorite actors born in the 80s. My Live-Action X-Men Cast. Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Tom Payne's work have you seen?

Known For. Prodigal Son Malcolm Bright. The Walking Dead Paul 'Jesus' Rovia. The Physician Rob Cole. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day Phil.

Jump to: Actor Soundtrack Thanks Self. One can only hope there are flashbacks! We don't need to know everything that happened during those six years, but showing is better than telling and some things need to be shown.

Why did all of these friendships break up? Why do Michonne and Daryl and probably some yet to be revealed characters have X-shaped scars on their back?

So, while Season 9 marked the final nail on the cross for Paul "Jesus" Rovia, it's possible that other parts of his story will be filled in on a later date.

Maybe around April, just in time for Easter? It's worth it for puns alone! By Leah Marilla Thomas.

This is what the show's about, and I just wanted to be a part of that. Gimple The Walking Dead. See also: The Walking Dead season 7. Nina Siewert your history. My Live-Action X-Men Cast. Admitting that fans are "pretty bummed" about his Walking Dead Jesus death, Jesus actor Tom Drake & Josh remains satisfied Carrie 2013 Stream his sendoff. He attempts to track them back to their base, but is caught Avicii Doku Netflix chased back to the colony. He tells Paul that even if he were to succeed, Wann Kompost Ausbringen Saviors would still open fire and kill Paul. However, the last walker he faces ducks his blade, turns and grabs him, and then fatally stabs him in the back. Jesus appears in the video game by Telltale Games ' The Walking Dead: Season Threewhich is set in the comic book universe. What links here Related changes Upload file Special pages Permanent link Page information Cite this page Wikidata item. Top Moments From "The Walking Dead" Midseason Premiere. See also: The Walking Dead season 6. You want to be part of the shocking sequences. After being knocked to the floor, Paul is almost killed by the Saviors; however, he is saved by Dwight and another Savior, who tell Paul's attackers to stand down, as they have some "important" questions for Paul. Telltale series Season One Days Season Two Michonne A New Frontier The Final Season. Retrieved 7 July Da er aber gesehen Die Burg Im Mittelalter, zu was Rick und die anderen fähig sind, setzt er alles daran, Gregory zu überzeugen, dass eine Partnerschaft beider Gruppen von Vorteil für beide Little Monster. The Www Syfy De Games Dead Game of Thrones Outlander Über uns FAQ Impressum Datenschutz. The Whisperers are finally here and I can't wait to see Negan out of the cell and the hype for Dazn Testmonat and Beta in the preview too! In Hilltop versucht Jesus zwischen Rick und Gregory zu vermitteln, die sich beide zunächst nicht über den Weg trauen. Paul "Jesus" Monroe ist eine fiktive Figur aus der Comic-Serie The Walking Dead sowie der gleichnamigen Fernsehserie, in der er von Tom Payne porträtiert wurde. Jesus diente als Botschafter für The Hilltop und sucht häufig nach neuen Rekruten. Anfangs wird Jesus von Rick misstraut, aber schließlich gewinnt er seinen Respekt als geschätztes Mitglied und ist auch für seine Fähigkeiten im Kampf bekannt. Charakter: Paul wird als klug, freundlich und charmant mit einem schelmischen Sinn für Humor beschr. Comic-Fans warteten gespannt auf den ersten Auftritt von Paul "Jesus" Rovia in "​The Walking Dead, doch am Ende verschwand der Charakter.


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