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Dr Keller Stargate

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Dr Keller Stargate

Wer ist Dr. Jennifer Keller? - SPOILER. Carl Binder gibt Antworten. · PaxMagellanic · Stargate: Atlantis, Schauspieler. Stargate: Atlantis - Charakterguide - Jennifer Keller / Jewel Staite. Kurzbeschreibung: Jennifer Keller ist Ärztin und übernimmt nach Carson Becketts Tod die. Jewel Staite Stargate Atlantis Dr, Keller Autograph #4Collectibles, Science Fiction & Horror, Stargate SG

Jewel Staite Stargate Atlantis Dr Keller Autograph #4

Stargate: Atlantis - Charakterguide - Jennifer Keller / Jewel Staite. Kurzbeschreibung: Jennifer Keller ist Ärztin und übernimmt nach Carson Becketts Tod die. Keller Autograph #3Collectibles, Science Fiction & Horror, Stargate SG-1,Jewel Staite Stargate Atlantis Dr. Featured ist ein 8 x 10 Foto von Stargate Atlantis Jewel staite AS Dr. Jennifer Keller, persönlich, Kunstdruck handsigniert, Autogramm von Jewel während Ihres.

Dr Keller Stargate Your Complete Guide to Stargate Video

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Dr Keller Stargate Staite played the role of head medical doctor Jennifer Keller in the Stargate SG-1 spinoff Stargate Atlantis, making her the third actor from the Firefly series to move on to appear in a Stargate series (the first being Adam Baldwin, who had a brief role as a colonel in the Stargate SG-1 episode " Heroes ", and the second being Morena Baccarin, who played Adria, the main villain in the tenth season of SG-1), and the second to take a recurring role. Spotlight on Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite a.k.a. Dr. Jennifer Keller at more exclusive content such as behind the scenes featurettes, cast in. Dr. Jennifer Keller is a fictional character from the Canadian-American military science fiction series Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off series to Stargate SG She is played by Canadian actress Jewel Staite, who previously played the Wraith Ellia in season two episode " Instinct ". Jennifer Keller is a female Tau'ri who became a medical doctor, joined the Stargate Program, and served as part of the Atlantis expedition. After the death of Dr. Carson Beckett she became the temporary Chief Medical Officer on Atlantis, but found it difficult to cope with the pressures of the job. She mentioned on the Stargate panel at Comic-Con that her character, Dr. Keller, is in bondage in a few upcoming Stargate episodes, not to mention being pinned to a bed by an alien spore recently. Dr. Jennifer Keller ist eine fiktive Figur aus der kanadisch-amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Serie Stargate Atlantis, einer Ausgründungsserie von Stargate SG Sie wird von der kanadischen Schauspielerin Jewel Staite gespielt, die zuvor in der. McKay ist bei Dr. Keller dafür bekannt, häufig die Krankenstation zu besuchen und kleine Beschwerden überzubetonen. Etwas besser lernen. Wer ist Dr. Jennifer Keller? - SPOILER. Carl Binder gibt Antworten. · PaxMagellanic · Stargate: Atlantis, Schauspieler. Stargate: Atlantis - Charakterguide - Jennifer Keller / Jewel Staite. Kurzbeschreibung: Jennifer Keller ist Ärztin und übernimmt nach Carson Becketts Tod die. Jewel Staitewho plays Dr. TV Guide. August 2,
Dr Keller Stargate

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Nach seinen zehn erfolgreichen AT-Events wollte der Veranstalter Gabit im April mit einem etwas anderen La Boum Samantha an den Start gehen, dieses Mal nicht nur mit Amanda Tapping sondern auch mit Stargate -Kollegin Teryl Rothery.
Dr Keller Stargate
Dr Keller Stargate Doch Jackson entdeckt Hinweise auf eine Antiker-Stadt in einer fernen Galaxie namens Pegasus. Dort wurde entdeckt, dass Sheppard das Antiker-Gen besitzt, das es ermöglicht, Antiker -Technik zu Maril Davis, und er erfuhr erstmals von Outcast Episodenguide Existenz des Stargate-Projekts. Ender 2 und Ender 3. Steam Bibliothek Update Staite Stargate Atlantis Dr.

This Mortal Coil - A Replicator duplicate of Jennifer Keller helps a rogue group of Replicators create human clones of the Atlantis team, but is killed when Oberoth finds them.

Trio - Dr. Keller is trapped in an abandoned Genii mine with Carter and McKay. The Last Man - In an alternate future, Keller and McKay return home to Earth after the fight against the Wraith takes a terrible turn.

The two begin a romantic relationship, only for her to die from exposure to the alien virus she was fighting.

The Seed - Dr. Keller finds a cure for Carson Beckett's condition, and falls victim to a Wraith pathogen that takes over her body.

The Shrine - Jennifer fights to save her friend and patient after Rodney McKay contracts a virus that causes him to revert to a childlike state.

Tracker - While treating patients in an alien village, Jennifer is kidnapped and dragged through the woods by a Runner, who needs her help to save a young girl.

Brain Storm - Keller accompanies Rodney to a secret technology presentation on Earth, and is nearly killed when the weather-control technology goes awry.

Identity - A casual encounter with Ancient technology results in a body swap, as Keller wakes up to find her consciousness is in the body of a thief on another planet -- condemned to die for her crimes.

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The Magicians. Family Law. With everything he had, McKay held tightly to the rope while Keller swung to safety. He helped Carter and then finally himself.

Keller encouraged him as he started to panic, and all three made it back to Atlantis safely. Afterward, Keller treated McKay's rope-burned hands and asked him out for a drink.

This appeared to be the beginning of a mutual attraction between these two. Keller's genetic knowledge came to the fore when a clone of Dr.

Beckett was discovered in one of Michael Kenmore's research facilities. Michael was a Wraith on whom the Expedition performed experiments involving Beckett's retrovirus that was meant to bring a Wraith's human DNA forward and suppress their Wraith traits—in effect, turning Wraith into human beings.

The Wraith had extensive cloning knowledge, so it appeared fairly easy for Michael to create a clone of Beckett that was nearly identical to the original.

The only differences that this clone had from the late doctor were his experiences since Beckett's capture nearly two years previously when the clone was made and the dependence on a weekly treatment that Michael devised to keep the clone alive.

Keller and the clone worked on a cure, but his condition was deteriorating too quickly. Keller urged him to enter stasis until she and her team devised a treatment to save him.

Beckett's clone was an unexpected discovery found by Teyla's team when they were actually searching for her. She had been captured by Michael because he was interested in her unborn child's genetic make-up.

Teyla's son had two parents who had trace Wraith DNA that left them with the mental skills to connect to the Wraith's psychic network. Since Michael had been affected by the retrovirus and left as neither completely human nor completely Wraith, he searched for the right retrovirus to create a new race that would serve him as their leader.

His goal was to wipe out all the humans and the Wraith—both of whom had rejected him—by releasing a modified version of the Hoffan Drug into the humans' water supply and causing them to become poison to the Wraith that fed upon them.

Keller treated as many of these humans as she possibly could, but her continued exposure to the drug led to her death. She and McKay had just returned to Earth to get away from the war and build a new life together, and her death caused McKay to try to undo the past.

His efforts succeeded 48, years into the future, and Sheppard was given the knowledge to save Teyla before Michael could experiment on her child.

Sheppard led his and another team to where Teyla would be found on M2S, but they arrived too early. They accidentally activated a booby-trap and the whole complex crashed down on them.

She rode in a puddle jumper and got to see a Wraith cruiser up close. She needed to operate on Sheppard, who had been pinned under a beam and impaled by a piece of rebar, but he convinced her to allow him to go on the mission with only a temporary patching up.

After Teyla's rescue, Sheppard allowed Keller to operate on him. She tried to joke with him about playing with his insides, but the joke didn't go over well at all.

SGA 5. With Teyla's rescue, the timeline in which Sheppard had traveled was changed, thus saving Keller's life, among millions of others'.

Sheppard knew that Keller and McKay had a relationship in this alternate timeline, but he kept that information to himself so that things would progress in their own time, if at all.

That didn't stop him from making cryptic remarks that left others wondering what he meant, though. Everyone who was on M2S was affected by a pathogen that was released from one of Michael's labs when the collapse occurred.

Keller was the first to show symptoms one month after everyone's return. Slowly, but surely, her body was taken over by the beginnings of a Wraith hive.

This pathogen was what "grew" these hive ships, using a human as its central core. Tendrils reached out from her and began to compromise Atlantis' systems.

Sheppard successfully used a phage against her that was created by Dr. Beckett, who was now released from stasis with a serum developed by Keller.

During the time that Sheppard was near Keller, one of her tendrils zeroed in on his previous wound and impaled him again. It actually took Sheppard longer to heal after this ordeal than it did for Keller, who was released from quarantine before Sheppard was allowed to leave his infirmary bed.

During one of his team's missions, McKay was infested with a parasite that began to affect his brain functions.

Distracted by McKay's more personable behavior and eventual confession of love, Keller didn't see the signs of the parasite's invasion until it was too late to operate.

But having lived through a similar experience with his grandfather, Ronon Dex proposed taking McKay to a shrine that was located on a planet formerly of the Ancestors Ancients that was said to be where the affected person could have one final day of lucidity before dying.

Keller objected to this risky treatment, but McKay's sister Jeanie overruled her medical advice. The Shrine of Talus was now located on a Wraith-dominated planet, so everyone knew that they were racing against time to save their friend.

Remarkably, the shrine omitted a type of radiation that was repelling to the parasite, which made its affect on its host ineffectual.

Keller removed the parasite on-site with a power drill, and McKay soon recovered. Keller apparently didn't bring up what McKay had confessed to her about his romantic feelings.

With her extensive exposure to the genetic research of Beckett and Michael, Keller began developing a new gene therapy that would preserve a Wraith's overall Wraith-ness with the exception of his need to feed on humans for sustenance.

Sometimes-Wraith-ally "Todd" as Sheppard nicknamed him was open to testing this new retrovirus because Michael's release of the modified Hoffan Drug was killing his hive by poisoning random food sources.

In order to propose this retrovirus, however, Todd felt that the command to proceed should come from his queen. The only problem with this was that Todd's hive didn't have a queen.

So, Teyla, who had the ability to connect to the Wraith's psychic network, volunteered to disguise herself as his queen and establish order within the hive.

Keller performed the surgery and procedures necessary to give Teyla the appearance of a Wraith. After Teyla successfully established herself as the hive's queen, Keller converted her back.

Executive producer Martin Gero created the character of Jennifer Keller while writing " First Strike ". The producers decided to cast Jewel Staite for the role as Keller after they enjoyed working with her previously as Ellia in "Instinct".

After Paul McGillion departed from the series as Carson Beckett , Gero wanted Keller not to replace Beckett, but rather fill in for him.

Gero also wanted to make Keller's situation endearing if she was uncomfortable in her new position, and didn't want it in the first place.

She was also originally created to be a Canadian character, and while filming the episode, she held a Canadian flag patch. However, because Paul Mullie thought there were already enough Canadian characters in the series which include Rodney McKay and Chuck , she was turned into an American instead, after filming was completed, so the visual effects team wiped away the Canadian flag and replaced it with a CGI flag of the US.

She was given a recurring status for the fourth season , though the number of episodes she would appear in varied. In October , it was revealed that she would appear in 13 to 15 episodes.

She was promoted to a regular for the fifth season. One of her first roles for the fifth season was " The Seed ", where Staite had to be up at am for an extensive three to four hours with prosthetics.

For her role as Dr. Keller in the episode " Missing ", Staite was nominated for "Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role" for the 23rd annual Gemini Awards , However, she lost to Helene Joy from her role in Durham County.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jennifer Keller Jewel Staite as Jennifer Keller. Stargate Atlantis.

Retrieved on Audio Commentary for "First Strike" DVD. MGM Home Entertainment.

Characters Carson Beckett Samantha Carter Ronon Dex Teyla Emmagan Aiden Ford Jennifer Keller Evan Lorne Russland Ferner Osten McKay John Sheppard Elizabeth Weir Richard Woolsey Radek Zelenka. The Detectives. As it turned out, this Earth also Resident Evil 7: Biohazard the Ancient Weapons Platform, which had Rache Ist Sexy Stream Deutsch moved from Antarctica to Area The Immortal. Entertainment Weekly. Todd took the Daedalus by force and the "alliance" that his hive shared with the Expedition was pretty much dissolved. Keller was separated from them long enough for a Runner named Kiryk to capture her. Rodney McKay reprogrammed these dormant nanites and saved Weir's life, but the trade-off was that she could only live with the nanites active. In hers, she Tobi Schlegel that Teyla Emmagan suffers severe abdominal pain and dies when an alien insect bursts Karen Gillan Nude of her stomach. Keller, she previously played the Wraith child Ellia in the Stargate Atlantis episode " Instinct ".


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