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Mash Episodenguide

In diesem ''Mobile Army Surgical Hospital'' (MASH) kümmerte er sich Der Episodenguide zu M*A*S*H umfasst 11 Staffeln mit Episoden. schalten · Datenschutz · Newsletter · Blog. Social Media und Feeds. RSS · Atom. nach oben; Hauptseite · Stichwortsuche · Serien; Episodenguide zu "M*A*​S*H". Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie M*A*S*H, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen.

MASH - Episodenguide

Dies ist eine chronologische Liste aller Episoden von M*A*S*H. Sie enthält Trapper macht bei einem Boxturnier der MASH-Camps mit, um die Versetzung. Trotzdem bestellte CBS nach dem Pilotfilm erst dreizehn, dann noch einmal neun und zum Schluß schließlich noch zwei Episoden. Trotzdem hing MASH Woche. In diesem ''Mobile Army Surgical Hospital'' (MASH) kümmerte er sich Der Episodenguide zu M*A*S*H umfasst 11 Staffeln mit Episoden.

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MASH Season 11 Episode 15 As Time Goes By

Klinger: "I may not have a family Tagesschau.Dew Toledo, but I got one here. Unfortunately, he crashes his jeep and is put in a cast. Martinson ], Lois Was Ist Eine Lolita [ Nurse Bell ], Kurt Andon The Blacklist Streaming Sergeant Whitkow ], Phyllis Katz [ Nurse ] Hot Lips, believing herself to be pregnant, asks Hawkeye Paralleluniversen test her. Charles himself exits with Rizzo in a garbage truck. M*A*S*H was a true ensemble series. Whilst characters such as Kellye, Igor, Rizzo, Goldman and Ginger are listed where they appear as specific characters central to the plot, they also appeared regularly as non-speaking cast members. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to As the year comes to a close, the th staff and surgeons hope is "a damn sight better" and hopefully they'll be going home. The year is not uneventful: Klinger makes a bet on a baseball team Charles is sure will lose, Hawkeye and B.J. build a kidney machine, Margaret knits a scarf which soon becomes a bed sheet, and Father Mulcahy plants a garden. The following is a list of all episodes of M*A*S*H in the order they aired on CBS between and CBS aired five hour-long episodes–“Welcome to Korea” (Season 4), “Bug Out” (Season 5), “Fade Out, Fade In” (Season 6), “Our Finest Hour” (Season 7), and “That’s Show Biz” (Season 10)–that were produced as two half-hour episodes. The receives a patient who is a bumbler at the front but regular gourmet in the mess tent. The surgical staff try and convince Potter to keep him but he flatly refuses. He has enough trouble as it is, his marriage is in danger. S8, Ep2. Klinger's army newspaper reports on Hawkeye's monument to military stupidity; a giant tower made from a half million erroneously shipped tongue depressors. Colonel Bucholtz inspects the nursing staff, which turns Margaret into a tyrant. Regie führte Burt Metcalfe nach einem Drehbuch von David Pollock und Elias Davis. Eventually, the two reconcile, with Hawkeye giving Radar a well-deserved Purple Heart, and a rare salute. Die Episode "Wer, was, wann, wo? Die Episode "Die Geburtstagskinder" ist die I want you to understand why he had to be away from you those first years of your life. Crotty ], Herman Poppe [ Beste Dokumentation Zweiter Weltkrieg. Feelings of guilt come over B. A USO show comes to the th, bringing excitement and fun, at least until one of the stars of the show is in need of Horizon Box Probleme emergency operation. This is the Mash Episodenguide of 15 appearances by Patricia Real Humans – Echte Menschen, as various nurses. I killed Sky Bundesliga 2021/21, for a pair of boots. Jones ] rc: Ho-Jon, Spearchucker, Ugly John, Scorch Sergeant Kino To4k arrives at the camp with his Moose. Kwang ] rc: Klinger, Mulcahy The nurses are evacuated when the threat of an enemy parachute drop arises.

Mrz 2011: Felix Mash Episodenguide Jascheroff (30), in welchen er Mash Episodenguide Ball wirft, iPhone oder iPad). - Erinnerungs-Service per E-Mail

Wood, Timothy Brown, Linda Meiklejohn, Laura Miller, George Morgan. – imfernsehen GmbH & Co. KG –​/episodenguide. * Transparenzhinweis: Für gekennzeichnete Links erhalten. Episodenführer Season 1 – Sie sind eine wilde Truppe und für jeden abgedrehten Spaß zu haben – die Mitarbeiter von „M.A.S.H: die Chirurgen Trapper und . Der MASH Episodenguide bietet dir eine Liste aller Episoden von MASH in der Übersicht. Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der US-amerikanischen Fernsehserie M*A*S*H, sortiert nach der US-amerikanischen Erstausstrahlung. Zwischen. Die Episode "Dein Pferd und du" ist die Doch in die Freude mischt sich Traurigkeit, weil er sein Kind nicht sehen kann — Nichttechnischer Verwaltungsdienst Heimat ist November Drehbuch: Gary David Goldberg Regie: George Tyne Gaststars: Terry Wills, Teck Murdock, David Dramer, Jan Jorden.

Staffel Bewerte diese Staffel. Erstausstrahlung: Die Episode "Das kostbare Mauerblümchen" ist die 1. Episode der Staffel der Serie MASH.

Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Regie führte Susan Oliver nach einem Drehbuch von Alan Alda. Die Episode "Überirdische Geschichten" ist die 2.

Regie führte Charles S. Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von Dennis Koenig. Die Episode "Ein Schuss Propaganda" ist die 3. Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von David Pollock und Elias Davis.

Die Episode "Flair, Stil und Phantasie" ist die 4. Regie führte Burt Metcalfe nach einem Drehbuch von John Rappaport und Dennis Koenig.

Regie führte Harry Morgan nach einem Drehbuch von David Pollock und Elias Davis. Die Episode "Die Monroe kommt" ist die 6. Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von Dan Wilcox und Thad Mumford.

Die Episode "Mildreds Handschrift" ist die 7. Regie führte Mike Switzer nach einem Drehbuch von Dan Wilcox und Thad Mumford.

Die Episode "Klinger nimmt die Pille" ist die 8. Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von Larry Balmagia. Die Episode "Das Rennen des Jahres" ist die 9. Regie führte Nell Cox nach einem Drehbuch von Mike Farrell, David Pollock und Elias Davis.

Die Episode "Höherer Besuch" ist die Die Episode "Vulgäre Gewohnheiten" ist die Regie führte Karen Hall nach einem Drehbuch von Mike Farrell.

Die Episode "Zuwenig der Worte" ist die Dubin nach einem Drehbuch von John Rappaport. Die Episode "Wozu hat man Freunde?

Regie führte Jamie Farr nach einem Drehbuch von Karen Hall. Die Episode "Bestechung und Erpressung" ist die Die Episode "Die Zeitkapsel" ist die I never drank when I was working in the second war.

This place just got to me. I'd forgotten how rough the game can be. You have many good gifts, Hawkeye. It's a pity you can't number compassion among them.

I wish you better luck in your third war. Despite Hawkeye and Trapper's claims that it wasn't intentional Frank makes allegations against Hawkeye.

A female colonel is sent to investigate Burns' allegations. When she cries "Rape! Working closely together under heavy fire and unsanitary medical conditions, the three return to camp with new found respect for one another.

Radar, of course, provides his usual invaluable help. Klinger dresses as the Statue of Liberty as the General's jeep drives through the camp.

MacArthur is so impressed, he salutes! Trapper wins big at poker after using Hawkeye's watch as a stake, so Hawkeye takes his winnings to avoid going to the stockade.

But Flagg comes down with appendicitis, and the only penicillin he gets is in the keister. Henry finally gets his discharge.

While he is tying things up, Burns prepares for his new command. Henry bids a tearful adieu, but not before Klinger turns up in an outrageous tropical outfit, and gets Henry to zip him up, and he gets a kiss Margaret.

He gives Radar a hug and his last order: "You better be good now or I'm gonna come back and kick your butt! Hawkeye: "Henry, you're fired.

Go home to your wife and kids. So, Frank's dream is realized - he's in charge. But Hawkeye is unchanged. He skips camp, runs a blockade to find Trapper, and welcomes a new surgeon, B.

Originally broadcast as part of a minute episode. Lieutenant ], Nat Jones [ G. Kames [ Colonel ], Ted Zeigler [ Sergeant Dale ], Arthur Song [ Unknown ], Shirlee Kong [ Unknown ] rc: Mulcahy Things have changed at the th: Henry went, and was killed on the way home, and Trapper has also been posted back to the States.

A freezing night, an artillery barrage that's coming too close, a patient going downhill, and Frank's searching Hot Lips' tent for his letters.

When Hawkeye's father is notified that he's dead, he finds it's no easy matter either to get word to him or to establish that he's alive.

Radar, driving Hawkeye and others back from a medical meeting, gets lost and stalls the bus, but a surrendering Korean soldier saves all.

Perhaps the most poignant scene is when Radar asks Chandler to bless his teddy bear. Hawkeye is injured in a jeep accident and, aware he has a concussion, babbles to a Korean family to keep himself awake.

The Judge Advocate, Colonel Carmichael, tries the case. The th turns up a sick helicopter pilot, 'Smilin' Jack, who doesn't want to quit, and a twice-wounded GI who does.

After a rumor grows out of proportion, the th moves out, assured that the Chinese are about to attack.

Hawkeye, B. All is well when the Chinese are pushed back and the unit returns. Margaret, calling from Tokyo, holds the camp in suspense until she returns with the news of her engagement to Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscott.

Frank Burns takes the news hard and arrests a Korean family as spies. His eyes are bandaged, and it is not known if he will ever see again.

Meanwhile Frank bets on the outcome of a baseball game, which he has already heard on the radio. After much tension in the camp the bandages come off, and happily, Hawkeye can see again.

Hawkeye: "It was a lucky thing. First I got a chance to see without my eyes, and then I got them back. Finding this position awkward, Radar opts to return to his position as an enlisted man.

When Hot Lips confines Nurse Baker to her quarters, little does she know that Baker's husband has arrived in the camp.

Hawkeye and B. When Hot Lips discovers what has happened, she breaks down and refuses to press charges. Margaret to the nurses : "Did you ever once show me any friendship?

Ever ask my help in a personal problem? Include me in one of your little bull sessions? Can you imagine how it feels to walk by this tent, and hear your laughter, and know that I'm not welcome?

When did one of you ever even offer me a lousy cup of coffee? Colonel Flagg is called in to investigate, and bungles things in his usual manner.

Finally Hot Lips returns, after helping in the birth of a Korean baby. He begins a letter to Sigmund Freud as a form of self-therapy, and releases his tension in the form of a practical joke with B.

Freedman: "If there's a way to preserve your sanity in wartime, they've found it here. They slide their patched-up patients into the evac ambulance like loaves in a bread truck, and yet they never forget those packages are people.

Sal Viscuso who portrayed Patient John in this episode, actually appeared in this series quite a bit. He was the uncredited voice of the P.

Fitzsimmons ], Ric Mancini [ Sergeant Hodkey ], Richard Foronjy [ Sergeant ], Ray Poss [ Unknown ] After Frank discovers that Danny Fitzsimmons has shot himself to get out of combat, Father Mulcahy is called in.

Realizing his lack of understanding of the fighting, Mulcahy accompanies Radar to an aid station, where they encounter the real war at first hand.

Mulcahy performs an emergency tracheotomy, guided by Hawkeye over the radio. When Dr. Syn Paik, a North Korean surgeon, arrives with some wounded, he is passed off as a South Korean by Hawkeye and B.

Hot Lips and Frank try to convince Potter that Paik is a spy. Paik, Hawkeye, and B. Hawkeye: "Maybe they'd be interested in an exchange.

We could keep Paik and give them Frank After 24 hours of surgery, Hawkeye and Potter venture off to a Korean hospital to lend a hand.

Hawkeye is appalled to learn that he must carry a gun. After helping the Koreans, they are shelled on the way back.

They scramble from the jeep before it is shelled, and Potter urges Hawkeye to shoot in self-defense, against Hawkeye's will.

Klinger becomes chronically depressed, and Hot Lips gets appendicitis. The horse is flushed out with a hose, Hawkeye and B. Potter offers Klinger a discharge for severe depression, and Klinger gets very excited, which loses him the discharge.

After Potter orders Radar to move a Korean spirit post believed to ward off evil spirits, things mysteriously begin to go wrong.

When an old Korean man is brought into camp for medical attention, he refuses surgery unless the spirits in the camp are exorcised.

A priestess is brought in, who exhibits her dance and her bells and chants. All is well, and Radar returns the spirit post to its original position.

Sleepwalking and bad dreams, according to Sidney Freedman, are taking Hawkeye back to a simple time, but the horrors of war continue to intrude.

After Sidney's assurances that he is as sane as can be, Hawkeye's life once again seems to settle down. It happens to be Frank's birthday, so Hawkeye and B.

Radar: "Dear Mum, I gave up the writing course on account I found out I can write better as myself than as Hemingway, O'Neill, or any of those other bums.

Simplistically yours, Walter. Befuddled by a crossword puzzle, Hawkeye persuades Potter to get his old friend Tippy Brooks, a whiz at puzzles, brought to camp.

Tippy arrives with his commanding officer, thinking it's a medical emergency. Having scrubbed up and helped out with the wounded they provided the needed solution to the puzzle.

Meanwhile, Cho Lin, the Ping Pong champ, is engaged to Soony. He leaves to get her a ring, when the South Korean army conscripts him.

He arrives at the th as a wounded soldier, and after being patched up he is married at the camp. He is a football player, and when he discovers that his leg has been amputated, he wants to die.

After talks with Radar, Billy agrees that he must live on. Nurse Carrie Donovan receives a "Dear Jane" letter from her husband, and practically falls apart.

Feelings of guilt come over B. Father Mulcahy comes down with infectious hepatitis, and Hawkeye has to give the whole camp antibiotics, whilst dealing with a psychosomatic back pain.

Meanwhile, B. In the midst of Hawkeye being considered, much to his distaste, for the position of a general's personal physician, Radar becomes a surrogate father to a Korean woman and her baby, until the baby's GI father returns.

As the film continues to break, tensions rise, until Mulcahy plays the piano, Radar does his impersonations, and everyone acts out scenes from the film.

Korean children and American soldiers are often badly wounded when they hunt for souvenirs which the enemy have booby-trapped. Potter asks for it to stop, and Hawkeye and B.

Everyone in camp is donating at hour intervals when a truckload of Turkish soldiers arrives to offer their blood and save the day.

Moody: "When I was a kid, I used to fight all the time when people put me down. I believed what they said about me. Not any more. I've been up on the line.

I had the guts to go out there and drag 'em back to the aid station. No one's gonna get me again with any verbal abuse because I got something guys like that will never have - self-respect.

When Donald arrives in camp, a bridal shower and bachelor party is given. When he has passed out drunk, Hawkeye and B. The ceremony is performed and Donald and Hot Lips leave for a week's honeymoon in Tokyo.

Frank: "No ring. No wedding date. I think it's 'thanks for the buggy ride. All throughout a deluge of casualties, the th receives reports of a Frank Burns gone berserk.

Potter calls Tokyo and requests a replacement surgeon. Major Charles Emerson Winchester III is assigned to the th.

Frank Burns is apprehended, promoted, and transferred to a VA hospital in Indiana. Winchester is made a permanent part of the th staff, much to his chagrin.

Berman ], Tom Stovall [ The Sergeant ], Rick Hurst [ Schaeffer ], Robert Symonds [ Colonel Horace Baldwin ], William Flatley [ M.

He never gets there because of shelling along the way, when he is injured, and is flown to the th. Hawkeye, feeling tremendous guilt, is unable to perform an operation to save Radar, and is replaced by Potter.

Hawkeye and Radar have a falling out as they lose respect for each other's actions. All is well in the end as Hawkeye pins a Purple Heart on Radar after he has recuperated.

Madness strikes as B. Hawkeye gets the last laugh. He sends Bardonaro off without his traveling papers, and in a jeep with too little gas. Meanwhile, Sidney Freedman is depressed over a young soldier who blames him for his injuries, because Freedman had sent him back into combat.

Tom to Sidney : "I'll never forget what it felt like being put back in that foxhole, when you knew what I'd been through.

I'll never forget having my leg shot off, and I'll never forget how much I hate you. Goodbye, Doctor! A monument to hope in size 12 pumps. I hope you do get out someday.

There would be a battalion of men in hoop skirts right behind you. Hawkeye tries unsuccessfully to get to Seoul, to see Nurse Gilmore for the weekend.

Meanwhile, Winchester has taped a letter home, asking for his influential parents to help get him back to the States.

To get even, Hawkeye and B. The last page is missing and the solution to the mystery is undiscovered until B.

Winchester: "I'll admit that what I did was inexcusable, maybe not totally. I've gone fourteen hours straight in the OR.

And it was dark. But is that any excuse for misreading a label? The senior staff's attempt to help a nurse enter medical school to become a doctor is complicated by her unwanted romantic advances towards Father Mulcahy.

Only Charles is unaffected by a drought and water shortage. S8, Ep8. Pierce deals with a dead soldier's ill-gotten gains, while a Korean mama attacks Klinger for dishonoring her daughter.

S8, Ep9. After a drunken trip to Tokyo, Winchester is visited by his new wife. Meanwhile, the camp is hit with an outbreak of hemorrhagic fever that they don't know how to deal with.

S8, Ep Hawkeye and BJ get lost in enemy territory while Klinger's Thanksgiving turkey sickens most of the camp with salmonella. When one soldier, George, needs an aorta within 20 minutes to avoid paralysis and another soldier, Harold, arrives brain dead but with a beating heart, BJ must decide if he should remove Harold's aorta to save George's life.

In the first of three such episodes, Hawkeye writes a letter to his father. He tells his dear old dad about the goings-on at the th, which include Klinger attempting to kill himself, and Father Mulcahy talking him out of it, as well as Hawkeye taking on the persona of Santa Claus, and taking a trip to the front lines, all in order to save a critically wounded soldier.

The men all draw straws, and somehow Hawkeye ends up pulling the short straw. Radar falls for a new nurse, after the latest mail call brings him a Dear John letter from back home, with some help from Hawkeye and Trapper, that is.

This new nurse is sophisticated, reading all the classics and listening to the best classical music. In one of their most outrageous stunts to date, Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar make up an entire person!

At the end of the episode, Hawkeye sadly informs the camp that Tuttle was killed in a tragic accident. Always thinking of others instead of himself, Tuttle leaped from a chopper without a parachute.

After Tommy is critically wounded, and Hawkeye watches him die, unable to do something, he has a tearful talk with Henry, and then storms into Post-Op and informs the MPs of an underage soldier, who is outraged.

In a lesser story, Frank applies for a Purple Heart after slipping in the mud. Everyone who gets them trades them for something they want more.

As everyone prepares for the end, and the camp is fortified with pillows and mattresses, Hawkeye and Trapper bravely set out to try and defuse the bomb.

Sadly the bomb explodes … and Hawkeye and Trapper are covered in CIA propaganda pamphlets. Hawkeye and Trapper work to keep Frank from transferring away from the th, by tricking their fellow Swamp-mate into thinking that there is gold abound in the area.

The two go crazy with gold paint, and in the end Frank is left with nothing of worth, save for countless objects painted gold, including a jeep and numerous rocks.

The entire camp, with the exception of the pessimistic Trapper, is delighted to hear that a ceasefire has been called.

Everyone begins planning for their lives after the war, Radar starts a scrapbook, Klinger gets rid of some dresses, and there is much merriment.

That is, until wounded arriving proves Trapper correct; there was no cease-fire. Unfortunately, he crashes his jeep and is put in a cast.

After they are informed by Henry that a psychiatrist not Sidney is coming down to check out the people at the th, everyone tries to keep things looking normal and not let things get out of hand.

However, being the th, things start going back to normal soon after the psychiatrist arrives. Thankfully, even though the psychiatrist is certain the camp is insane, he thinks it would be a bad idea to split them up.

The camp makes a great time out of the event, betting on how far Charlie will be off. Everything is fine until General Clayton, there to see if a gun is called for, has his jeep destroyed.

Frank gets his gun, but Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar are able to get the ammo dump destroyed by it.

Hawkeye and Trapper work to get a South Korean village rebuilt after the U. In the end, Frank sends in a report as well, and the Army is forced to admit they destroyed the village.

Pierce and Mr. After being on duty for three straight days, or 72 hours, Hawkeye is fatigued and out of his mind from lack of sleep.

Coming to the conclusion that the North Koreans may be upset that the US has superior toilet facilities, he has a latrine tied to a jeep and pulled off, a present to the enemy.

A young Korean boy named Kim forms a strong bond with Trapper, after he operates on him, and Trapper plans on trying to adopt the boy.

While the rest of the camp looks on in horror, Trapper runs into a minefield to save Kim, and then has to somehow find his way out. Radar and Henry drive off to a hearing that will determine if a court-martial for Henry is necessary, leaving Hawkeye and Trapper to deal with Frank in command.

The most serious charge against their beloved CO? Aiding and abetting the enemy. Hawkeye and Trapper bring Meg Cratty, an American nurse working in South Korea, to the hearing to save Henry.

In the end, the sniper is taken down by chopper fire, and the th can go back to their business. As the only surgeon not taken down during a flu epidemic, Hawkeye must not only has to do the work of the entire surgical staff, but he must get a flu shot.

Being Hawkeye, he has Margaret give it to him in his behind. Eventually Hawkeye also comes down with the flu, but after everyone else begins to recuperate.

Hawkeye, Trapper, and Radar work to get an incubator for the th from the army, which seems quite set on not allowing the medical facility a needed piece of equipment.

They could, however, get a barbecue. A full episode that involves a poker game, Radar hitting Whiplash Wang with his jeep, Frank being held hostage in the shower by a soldier who is being concealed by Sidney Freedman, as well as a guest appearance by Edward Winter as Captain Hallorin.

After they save the son of General Mitchell, Hawkeye and Trapper get rewarded with weekend passes. Hawkeye and Trapper send for a specialist who can give an enlisted man a nose job, which is against regulations.

Captain Pac comes for a visit, and some local Koreans set up a village in the middle of the camp, and Radar is informed that he is the father of a Korean baby.

After a long period with no casualties, Hawkeye and Trapper get bored. They order gorilla suits, and put Frank into a crate, while Henry gives another of his sex-ed lectures.

Eventually the wounded start coming in again, at the same time the the camp is shelled by their own forces. I have seen the re-runs of this American classic series and I still find them hilarious to this day.

I am so pleased that television stations decided to re air this otherwise forgotten show. I am glad that the directors and producers of this show depicted an otherwise forgotten time in American history.

And I am sure that the veterans of the Korean War are happy that this show was made to show their experiences in this war and made their trials known to the public.

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Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. Plot Keywords. Dezember bis zum Januar Die Erstausstrahlung der vierten Staffel war vom Februar auf dem US-amerikanischen Sender CBS zu sehen.

April Die Erstausstrahlung der fünften Staffel war vom April bis zum

Mash Episodenguide MASH - Episodenguide Gehe zu: Staffel 11 S10 S09 S08 S07 S06 S05 S04 S03 S02 S Staffel Die Staffel der Sitcom MASH aus dem Jahr mit Alan Alda und Loretta Swit. Bewerte diese /10(). The receives a patient who is a bumbler at the front but regular gourmet in the mess tent. The surgical staff try and convince Potter to keep him but he flatly refuses. 9/17/ · Created by Larry Gelbart. With Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, Loretta Swit, Jamie Farr. The staff of an Army hospital in the Korean War find that laughter is the best way to deal with their situation.

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