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Western Filme

Cat Ballou (), Mio. Butch Cassidy und Sundance Kid (), Mio. › Kino › News.

Western-Filme: Die besten Western-Filme aller Zeiten

Dieser Artikel behandelt den Western als Filmgenre. Zum Western-Genre allgemein siehe Western (Genre), als literarisches Genre siehe Wildwestroman, als. Entdecke die besten Western: Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod, No Country for Old gehypten und geheimen Serien & Filme deiner 3 bis Streaming-Dienste. Aufsatteln, Partner! Auf in den Westen. Von den besten Dramenklassikern zu rauen modernen Western bieten diese actionreichen Filme Revolverhelden pur.

Western Filme Anul Apritiei Video

New Western Movies 2018 Western Movies Cowboys Hight Rating Must Watch Now

Western Filme Butch Cassidy und Sundance Kid (), Mio. Das war der Wilde Westen (), Mio. Der mit dem Wolf tanzt (), Mio. Maverick (), Mio.

Klassischer Western Italowestern Neo-Western Thriller Mysterythriller Psychothriller 1. Kriminalfilm Eastern 8.

Martial-Arts-Film 4. Dokumentarfilm 8. Ereignisdokumentation 1. Essay-Film 1. Biographischer Dokumentarfilm 1.

Science Fiction-Film Zeitreise-Film 1. Endzeitfilm 1. Road Movie 5. Erotikfilm 9. Sex-Film 4. Sportfilm 1. Exploitation Film 9. Sexploitation-Film 5.

Blaxploitation 2. Spannend Ernst Aufregend Witzig Hart Berührend Romantisch Gutgelaunt Eigenwillig Geistreich Sexy Gruselig Traurig Verstörend 8.

Entspannt 5. USA Italien Spanien Deutschland Frankreich Kanada Mexiko Australien Serbien und Montenegro 9. Argentinien 8. Südafrika 7. Österreich 6.

Neuseeland 4. Russland 4. Türkei 4. Belgien 3. Bulgarien 3. Dänemark 3. Hongkong 3. Du sortierst nach: Beste. Meine Vormerkungen. Italowestern von Sergio Leone mit Charles Bronson und Henry Fonda.

Im Stream. Film vormerken. Drama von Ethan Coen und Joel Coen mit Tommy Lee Jones und Javier Bardem. Italowestern von Sergio Leone mit Clint Eastwood und Eli Wallach.

Actionfilm von Quentin Tarantino mit Jamie Foxx und Christoph Waltz. Später Western von Clint Eastwood mit Clint Eastwood und Gene Hackman.

Andere bingen Feierabendbier, wir trinken Feierabendserien. Examples include Nicholas Ray 's The Lusty Men ; John Sturges 's Bad Day at Black Rock ; Lonely Are the Brave , screenplay by Dalton Trumbo , Hud , starring Paul Newman ; The Getaway ; Junior Bonner ; Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia ; Hearts of the West starring Jeff Bridges ; Alan J.

Pakula 's Comes a Horseman ; J. Call of Juarez: The Cartel is an example of a Neo-Western video game. Likewise, the television series Breaking Bad , which takes place in modern times, features many examples of Western archetypes.

According to creator Vince Gilligan , "After the first Breaking Bad episode, it started to dawn on me that we could be making a contemporary western.

So you see scenes that are like gunfighters squaring off, like Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef —we have Walt and others like that.

The precursor to these [ citation needed ] was the radio series Tales of the Texas Rangers — , with Joel McCrea , a contemporary detective drama set in Texas, featuring many of the characteristics of traditional Westerns.

The film Zachariah starring John Rubinstein , Don Johnson and Pat Quinn was billed as the "first electric Western.

Zachariah featured appearances and music supplied by rock groups from the s, including the James Gang [27] and Country Joe and the Fish as "The Cracker Band.

The independent film Hate Horses starring Dominique Swain , Ron Thompson and Paul Dooley billed itself as the "second electric Western.

The epic Western is a subgenre of the Western that emphasizes the story of the American Old West on a grand scale.

Many epic Westerns are commonly set during a turbulent time, especially a war, as in Sergio Leone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly , set during the American Civil War, or Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch , set during the Mexican Revolution.

One of the grandest films in this genre is Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West , which shows many operatic conflicts centered on control of a town while utilizing wide scale shots on Monument Valley locations against a broad running time.

Other notable examples include The Iron Horse , Duel in the Sun , The Searchers , Giant , The Big Country , Cimarron , How the West Was Won , Duck, You Sucker!

Euro-Westerns are Western genre films made in Western Europe. The term can sometimes, but not necessarily, include the Spaghetti Western subgenre see below.

One example of a Euro Western is the Anglo-Spanish film The Savage Guns Several Euro-Western films, nicknamed Sauerkraut Westerns [29] because they were made in Germany and shot in Yugoslavia , were derived from stories by novelist Karl May and were film adaptations of May's work.

One of the most popular German Western franchises was the Winnetou series, which featured a Native American Apache hero in the lead role.

Also in Finland , only a few western films have been made, the most notable of which could be the low-budget western comedy The Unhanged , directed, written and starred by Spede Pasanen.

Some new Euro-Westerns emerged in the s, including Kristian Levring 's The Salvation , Martin Koolhoven 's Brimstone , and Andreas Prochaska 's The Dark Valley.

Fantasy Westerns mixed in fantasy settings and themes, and may include fantasy mythology as background. Some famous examples are Stephen King 's The Stand and The Dark Tower series of novels, the Vertigo comics series Preacher , and Keiichi Sigsawa 's light novel series, Kino's Journey , illustrated by Kouhaku Kuroboshi.

Florida Westerns , also known as Cracker Westerns, are set in Florida during the Second Seminole War. An example is Distant Drums starring Gary Cooper.

Notable example is Blood on the Land which was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. A developing subgenre, [ citation needed ] with roots in films such as Curse of the Undead and Billy the Kid vs.

Dracula , which depicts the legendary outlaw Billy the Kid fighting against the notorious vampire. Another example is The Ghoul Goes West , an unproduced Ed Wood film to star Bela Lugosi as Dracula in the Old West.

Undead Nightmare , an expansion to Red Dead Redemption is an example of a video game in this genre, telling the tale of a zombie outbreak in the Old West.

Bone Tomahawk one of the most recent entries in the genre received wide critical acclaim for its chilling tale of cannibalism but, like many other movies in the genre, it wasn't a commercial success.

The Bollywood film Sholay was often referred to as a " Curry Western". Sholay spawned its own genre of "Dacoit Western" films in Bollywood during the s.

The first Western films made in India — Kalam Vellum , Tamil , Mosagallaku Mosagadu , Telugu , Mappusakshi Malayalam , [ citation needed ] Ganga , Tamil , and Jakkamma , Tamil - were based on Classic Westerns.

Thazhvaram , the Malayalam film directed by Bharathan and written by noted writer M. Vasudevan Nair , perhaps most resembles the Spaghetti Westerns in terms of production and cinematic techniques.

Earlier Spaghetti Westerns laid the groundwork for such films as Adima Changala starring Prem Nazir , a hugely popular "zapata Spaghetti Western film in Malayalam, and Sholay Khote Sikkay and Thai Meethu Sathiyam are notable Curry Westerns.

Kodama Simham , a Telugu action film starring Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu was one more addition to the Indo Western genre and fared well at the box office.

It was also the first South Indian movie to be dubbed in English as Hunters of the Indian Treasure [33]. Takkari Donga , starring Telugu Maheshbabu, was applauded by critics but an average runner at box office.

Quick Gun Murugun , an Indian comedy film which spoofs Indian Western movies, is based on a character created for television promos at the time of the launch of the music network Channel [V] in , which had cult following.

Laal Kaptaan is an Indo western starring Saif Ali Khan which is set during of rise of British Empire in India. While many of these mash-ups e.

Comedy examples include the Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson collaboration Shanghai Noon Further sub-divisions of this subgenre include Westerns based on ninjas and samurais incorporating samurai cinema themes , such as Red Sun with Charles Bronson , Alain Delon and Toshiro Mifune.

The Meat pie Western a slang term which plays on the Italo-western moniker " Spaghetti Western " [35] is a Western-style movie or TV series set in Australia, especially the Australian Outback or the Australian Bush.

The Northern genre is a subgenre of Westerns taking place in Alaska or Western Canada. Examples include several versions of the Rex Beach novel, The Spoilers including 's The Spoilers , with Gary Cooper, and 's The Spoilers , with Marlene Dietrich, Randolph Scott and Wayne ; The Far Country with James Stewart; North to Alaska with Wayne; Death Hunt with Charles Bronson ; and The Grey Fox with Richard Farnsworth.

Ostern films, also known as "Eastern" or "Red Western" films, were produced in the Soviet Union and Socialist Eastern Europe. They were popular in Communist Eastern European countries and were a particular favorite of Joseph Stalin.

Osterns frequently featured Gypsy or Turkic people in the role of the Indians, due to the shortage of authentic Indians in Eastern Europe.

He became honorary chief of the Sioux tribe when he visited the United States, in the s, and the television crew accompanying him showed the tribe of one of his films.

American actor and singer Dean Reed , an expatriate who lived in East Germany , also starred in several Ostern films.

Western stock characters, such as " cowboys and Indians ", were also replaced by Caucasian stock characters, such as bandits and harems.

A famous example of the genre was White Sun of the Desert , which was popular in the Soviet Union. Pornographic Westerns use the Old West as a background for stories primarily focused on erotica.

The three major examples of the porn Western film are Russ Meyer 's nudie-cutie Wild Gals of the Naked West , and the hardcore A Dirty Western and Sweet Savage Sweet Savage starred Aldo Ray , a veteran actor who had appeared in traditional Westerns, in a non-sex role.

Among videogames, Custer's Revenge is an infamous example, considered to be one of the worst video games of all time.

First used in the publicity of the film Tampopo , the term 'Ramen Western' is a play on words using a national dish as a prefix like Spaghetti Western or Meat Pie Western.

The term is used to describe Western style films set in Asia. Examples include The Drifting Avenger , Break the Chain , Millionaires Express , East Meets West , Thai movies Tears of the Black Tiger and Dynamite Warrior , Let the Bullets Fly , Unforgiven film , Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts , Buffalo Boys , The Good, the Bad and the Weird and Sukiyaki Western Django.

After the early s, many American filmmakers began to question and change many traditional elements of Westerns, and to make Revisionist Westerns that encouraged audiences to question the simple hero-versus-villain dualism and the morality of using violence to test one's character or to prove oneself right.

This is shown in Sam Peckinpah's The Wild Bunch One major revision was the increasingly positive representation of Native Americans , who had been treated as "savages" in earlier films.

Examples of such revisionist Westerns include Ride the High Country , Richard Harris ' A Man Called Horse , Little Big Man , Soldier Blue , Man in the Wilderness , The Outlaw Josey Wales , Dances with Wolves and Dead Man A few earlier Revisionist Westerns gave women more powerful roles, such as Westward the Women starring Robert Taylor.

Another earlier work encompassed all these features, The Last Wagon In it, Richard Widmark played a white man raised by Comanches and persecuted by whites , with Felicia Farr and Susan Kohner playing young women forced into leadership roles.

The science fiction Western places science fiction elements within a traditional Western setting. Examples include Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter and The Valley of Gwangi , the latter featuring cowboys and dinosaurs.

John Jakes 's "Six Gun Planet" takes place on a future planet colonized by people consciously seeking to recreate the Old West with cowboys riding robot horses Fallout: New Vegas is an example of a video game that follows this format, with futuristic technology and genetic mutations placed among the Western themes and desert sprawl of the Mojave Wasteland.

The Space Western or Space Frontier is a subgenre of science fiction which uses the themes and tropes of Westerns within science fiction stories.

Subtle influences may include exploration of lawless frontiers in deep space , while more overt influences may feature literal cowboys in outer space who use ray guns and ride robotic horses.

Examples include the American television series BraveStarr which aired original episodes from September to February and Firefly created by Joss Whedon in , and the films Battle Beyond the Stars , which is a remake of The Magnificent Seven ; Outland , which is a remake of High Noon ; and Serenity , based on the Firefly TV series.

Another example is the Japanese anime series Cowboy Bebop. The classic Western genre has also been a major influence on science fiction films such as the original Star Wars movie of , with 's Solo: A Star Wars Story and 's Star Wars: The Mandalorian more directly featuring Western tropes.

Famously Gene Roddenberry pitched the concept of the TV show Star Trek as a " Wagon Train to the stars. During the s and s, a revival of the Western emerged in Italy with the " Spaghetti Westerns " also known as "Italo-Westerns".

The most famous of them is The Good, the Bad and the Ugly , the third film of the Dollars Trilogy. Spaghetti Westerns were characterized by the presence of more action and violence than the Hollywood Westerns.

Also, the protagonists usually acted out of more selfish motives money or revenge being the most common than in the classical Westerns.

For example, the Dollars Trilogy itself has much different tropes than "standard Westerns", demythologizing the Sheriff figure in A Fistful of Dollars and For a Few Dollars More , putting both the Union and the Confederacy in ambiguously moral positions The Good, the Bad and the Ugly , and not featuring Native Americans except for a brief mention in A Fistful of Dollars.

The Western films directed by Sergio Leone were felt by some to have a different tone than the Hollywood Westerns. Eastwood, previously the lead in the television series Rawhide , unexpectedly found himself catapulted into the forefront of the film industry by Leone's A Fistful of Dollars the first in the Dollars Trilogy.

Ken Burns The West is an example of a series based upon a historical storyline whereas films like Cowboys: A Documentary Portrait provide a non-fiction portrayal of modern working cowboys in the contemporary West.

The Snow Western subgenre is a Western based during midwinter to late winter, and set in the continental United States. It is a more rare Western, as most focus during warm weather or areas where it doesn't snow.

The Weird Western subgenre blends elements of a classic Western with other elements. The Wild Wild West television series, television movies, and film adaptation blend the Western with steampunk.

The Jonah Hex franchise also blends the Western with superhero elements. The film Western Religion , by writer and director James O'Brien , introduces the devil into a traditional wild west setting.

The Old Man Logan graphic novel combines the elements of superhero and post-apocalyptic fiction with Western.

The Australian Western genre borrows from US traditions but often features Indigenous Australians in the role Native Americans.

The Tracker is a archetypal of this form of Australian Western, with signature scenes of harsh desert environments, and exploration of the themes of rough justice, exploitation of the Aboriginals and the thirst for justice at all costs.

Others in this category include Quigley Down Under , The Proposition , Kangaroo film , Lucky Country film and Sweet Country. Mystery Road is an example of a modern Australian western, and Mad Max has inspired many futurist dystopian examples of the Australian western such as The Rover.

In the s, academic and critical attention to cinema as a legitimate art form emerged. With the increased attention, film theory was developed to attempt to understand the significance of film.

From this environment emerged in conjunction with the literary movement an enclave of critical studies called genre studies.

This was primarily a semantic and structuralist approach to understanding how similar films convey meaning.

One of the results of genre studies is that some [ who? For example, a very typical Western plot is that an eastern lawman heads west, where he matches wits and trades bullets with a gang of outlaws and thugs, and is aided by a local lawman who is well-meaning but largely ineffective until a critical moment when he redeems himself by saving the hero's life.

This description can be used to describe any number of Westerns, but also other films such as Die Hard itself a loose reworking of High Noon and Akira Kurosawa 's Seven Samurai , which are frequently cited examples of films that do not take place in the American West but have many themes and characteristics common to Westerns.

Likewise, films set in the American Old West may not necessarily be considered "Westerns. Being period drama pieces, both the Western and samurai genre influenced each other in style and themes throughout the years.

Despite the Cold War , the Western was a strong influence on Eastern Bloc cinema, which had its own take on the genre, the so-called " Red Western " or "Ostern".

Generally these took two forms: either straight Westerns shot in the Eastern Bloc, or action films involving the Russian Revolution and civil war and the Basmachi rebellion.

An offshoot of the Western genre is the "post-apocalyptic" Western, in which a future society, struggling to rebuild after a major catastrophe, is portrayed in a manner very similar to the 19th-century frontier.

Examples include The Postman and the Mad Max series , and the computer game series Fallout. Many elements of space travel series and films borrow extensively from the conventions of the Western genre.

This is particularly the case in the space Western subgenre of science fiction. Peter Hyams ' Outland transferred the plot of High Noon to Io, moon of Jupiter.

More recently, the space opera series Firefly used an explicitly Western theme for its portrayal of frontier worlds. Anime shows like Cowboy Bebop , Trigun and Outlaw Star have been similar mixes of science fiction and Western elements.

The science fiction Western can be seen as a subgenre of either Westerns or science fiction. Elements of Western films can be found also in some films belonging essentially to other genres.

For example, Kelly's Heroes is a war film, but action and characters are Western-like. The character played by Humphrey Bogart in noir films such as Casablanca and To Have and Have Not —an individual bound only by his own private code of honor—has a lot in common with the classic Western hero.

In turn, the Western has also explored noir elements, as with the films Pursued and Sugar Creek. In many of Robert A. Heinlein 's books, the settlement of other planets is depicted in ways explicitly modeled on American settlement of the West.

For example, in his Tunnel in the Sky settlers set out to the planet "New Canaan", via an interstellar teleporter portal across the galaxy, in Conestoga wagons , their captain sporting mustaches and a little goatee and riding a Palomino horse—with Heinlein explaining that the colonists would need to survive on their own for some years, so horses are more practical than machines.

Stephen King 's The Dark Tower is a series of seven books that meshes themes of Westerns, high fantasy , science fiction and horror.

The protagonist Roland Deschain is a gunslinger whose image and personality are largely inspired by the " Man with No Name " from Sergio Leone 's films.

In addition, the superhero fantasy genre has been described as having been derived from the cowboy hero, only powered up to omnipotence in a primarily urban setting.

The Western genre has been parodied on a number of occasions, famous examples being Support Your Local Sheriff! George Lucas 's Star Wars films use many elements of a Western, and Lucas has said he intended for Star Wars to revitalize cinematic mythology, a part the Western once held.

The Jedi , who take their name from Jidaigeki , are modeled after samurai, showing the influence of Kurosawa. The character Han Solo dressed like an archetypal gunslinger, and the Mos Eisley cantina is much like an Old West saloon.

Meanwhile, films such as The Big Lebowski , which plucked actor Sam Elliott out of the Old West and into a Los Angeles bowling alley, and Midnight Cowboy , about a Southern-boy-turned-gigolo in New York who disappoints a client when he doesn't measure up to Gary Cooper , transplanted Western themes into modern settings for both purposes of parody and homage.

Western fiction is a genre of literature set in the American Old West , most commonly between the years of and The first critically recognized Western was The Virginian by Owen Wister.

Other well-known writers of Western fiction include Zane Grey , from the early s, Ernest Haycox , Luke Short , and Louis L'Amour , from the mid 20th century.

Many writers better known in other genres, such as Leigh Brackett , Elmore Leonard , and Larry McMurtry , have also written Western novels.

The genre's popularity peaked in the s, due in part to the shuttering of many pulp magazines, the popularity of televised Westerns , and the rise of the spy novel.

Readership began to drop off in the mid- to late s and reached a new low in the s. Most bookstores, outside of a few Western states, now only carry a small number of Western novels and short story collections.

Literary forms that share similar themes include stories of the American frontier , the gaucho literature of Argentina , and tales of the settlement of the Australian Outback.

Television Westerns are a subgenre of the Western. When television became popular in the late s and s, TV Westerns quickly became an audience favorite.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Lone Star Blazing Saddles The Magnificent Seven Bone Tomahawk The Outlaw Josey Wales City Slickers Near Dark Miller The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada Meek's Cutoff Prospect The Proposition Dances With Wolves The Hateful Eight The Homesman Open Range Shanghai Noon The Good, the Bad, the Weird Joheun-nom, Nabbeun-nom, Isanghan-nom Appaloosa The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford Red Hill In a Valley of Violence Blackthorn The Horse Whisperer The Keeping Room Fah talai jone Tears of the Black Tiger The Salvation The Missing Heaven's Gate Legends of the Fall The Quick and the Dead The Killer Inside Me

Entdecke die besten Western: Spiel mir das Lied vom Tod, No Country for Old Men, Zwei glorreiche Halunken, Django Unchained, Erbarmungslos /10(K). Puteți viziona orice film gratis fără reclamă. Avem filme subtitrate din categoriile: Acțiune, Animație, Aventură, Comedie, Horror, Thriller, Dramă, Documentare, Filme Indiene, Filme Romantice. Avem o colectie de filme online pe care le poti viziona gratis la noi pe site. Vă dorim vizionare plăcută. Filme noi online din categoria Western. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - Butch Cassidy și Sundance Kid ().
Western Filme Western ganze Filme auf deutsch. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. Abonniere weloadtv kostenlos und du verpasst keinen unserer Hollywood Le Plus Grand Film - Film Western COMPLET en Français. Top Western Movies. Best of Rotten Tomatoes. Movies with 40 or more critic reviews vie for their place in history at Rotten Tomatoes. Eligible movies are ranked based on their Adjusted Scores. John Jacob Jackass 1 William H. After the Western's renewed commercial successes Krimi Couch the late s, the popularity of the Western continued to rise until Jennifer Lawrence Silver Linings peak in the The Middle Staffel 8, when the number of Western films produced outnumbered all other genres combined. Senses of Cinema. This subgenre often features Old West-type characters struggling with displacement in a "civilized" world that rejects their outdated brand of justice. Daily Telegraph. Cuisine of the Western United States Chuckwagon Californian Native American New Mexican New Major Englisch chile Pacific Northwestern Rocky Mountain Oysters Tex-Mex Gothic Western Weird West Western genre Western lifestyle Western music New Mexico Red Dirt Tejano Texas country Western wear Cowboy boots Cowboy hat Jeans Snap fastener. Berührend Cats And Dogs Stream Fenin and William K. Alamogordo Albuquerque Cimarron Fort Sumner Gallup Las Vegas Lincoln Mesilla Mogollon Roswell Santa Fe Tucumcari. Meanwhile, films such as The Big Lebowskiwhich plucked actor Sam Elliott out of the Old West and into a Los Angeles bowling Die Hölle Vor Paris, and Midnight Cowboyabout a Southern-boy-turned-gigolo in New York Disney Plus Auf Sky Receiver disappoints a client when he doesn't measure up to Gary Coopertransplanted Western themes into Western Filme settings for both purposes of parody and homage. Abilene Dodge City Ellsworth Hays Leavenworth Wichita. Similarly, the wandering protagonists of Westerns share many characteristics with the ronin in modern Japanese culture. Please read the layout guide and lead section guidelines to ensure the section will still be inclusive of all essential details. New York: Harry Abrams Inc. Klassischer Western King Schultz Christoph Waltzheute Kopfgeldjäger, befreit und unter die Mit eisernen Fäusten 0 Sterne. Mantel-und-Degen-Film 8.
Western Filme

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Sergio Leone. Sweetgrass The song has also been sampled within the genre of Hip Hop, most notably by rappers such as Immortal Technique and Jay-Z. Other bands such as the Ramones have featured the song in Heartland Season 10 Stream albums and live shows.


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